Wisdom Tree, T. Rowe Among TradFi Firms to Test Avalanche’s Blockchain Subnet

Financial Institutions including T. Rowe, Wisdom Tree, Wellington and Cumberland join layer-1 Avalanche’s (AVAX) Evergreen subnet “Spruce,” to make trade execution and settlements more efficient.

Avalanche launched ‘Evergreen Subnets’ earlier this month aimed at offering a suite of blockchain deployments and tooling for financial institutions. Evergreen Subnets are Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based chains with a permissioned validator set and a custom gas token to power transactions, according to a press release.

The traditional finance (TradFi) firms will use Spruce as a testnet for a variety of applications and assets to measure benefits of on-chain trade execution and settlement, the press release said. The testnet will use valueless tokens allowing institutions to experience full functionality of Avalanche’s Subnet architecture without putting capital at risk.

The move comes as TradFi companies have been pushing deeper into blockchain technology and crypto related products for the last few years, indicating a promising step towards greater adoption amongst large financial institutions.

“Participating in the Avalanche Spruce testnet presents a valuable opportunity to deepen our understanding and analysis of smart contract technology and the potential applications of public, permissioned blockchains in financial markets,” said Blue Macellari, head of digital assets strategy at T. Rowe Price Associates.

Institutions will use decentralized finance (DeFi) apps on Spruce to execute foreign exchange and interest rate swaps, according to the press release.

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Avalanche currently has several EVM-based subnets, including the Intain Subnet, which is a tokenized asset-backed security (ABS) application and the Deloitte Subnet, which is a platform for efficient Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) fund disbursements.

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