LIVE BLOG: Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade

(Timestamps in ET.)

12:01 p.m. (MN): CoinDesk caught up Ethereum DevOps Engineer Parithosh Jayanthi, who was in charge of much of the testing for Shapella. “I’m feeling quite good about Shapella, it somehow feels very different than the adrenaline fuelled rush before the Merge,” Jayanthi told CoinDesk via DM on Discord. “We made some last minute checks that we’ve updated all of our nodes and now I’m looking forward to the watch parties to start!”

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11:30 a.m. (BK): ICYMI here’s a link to our roundup of all the Shanghai watch parties planned for Wednesday night, and a bunch of other great web tools that people can use to monitor the action on the blockchain – compiled by Ethereum beat reporter extraordinaire Margaux Nijkerk and blockchain-data-master Sage D. Young: Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade: Here’s Our Guide to Watch Parties, Blockchain Tools.

11:26 a.m. (BK): Galaxy Digital’s Christine Kim put together a cool primer on what to watch for. She tweeted this out April 6 but we were just having a look and she does a really good job of breaking down some of the technical stuff. A teaser: “The major code change in Shapella is EIP 4895, which adds a new system-level operation to support validator withdrawals. The addition of withdrawal functionality to the Ethereum codebase represents the final step in completing the network’s multi-year transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol.”

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11:17 a.m. (BK): One of the biggest unknowns about Shanghai upgrade is how the price of ether (ETH) will trade through it all. CoinDesk reporter Lyllah Ledesma has a story out showing just how spilt crypto market analysts are in their predictions. “Some observers expect an ether price swoon after the upgrade as users liquidate their holdings while others believe the expected uptick in the selling pressure is already baked in and the market will bounce after the event in a classic ‘buy the news’ move,” Ledesma wrote.

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