Hut 8’s Alberta Bitcoin Mine Running at 15% Installed Hashrate Due to Electrical Issues

Hut 8 Mining’s (HUT) site in Drumheller, Alberta is currently running at 15% of its installed hashrate due to electrical issues, with a restoration expected in 10-12 weeks, the firm said on Tuesday.

The miner, which is undergoing one of the most significant mergers in the industry with U.S. Bitcoin Corp, first announced the issues in March.

“High energy input levels” into the machines has been causing “equipment failures” at Drumheller, while spikes in energy prices have created “additional headwinds,” the firm said. Hut 8 has implemented firmware to decrease the voltage of the power supply, while it is trying to repair machines and hire more staff.

Hut 8 did not respond to CoinDesk’s request for additional details on the Drumheller mine.

The Drumheller site likely accounts for as much as 0.9 exahash/second (EH/s) of Hut 8’s computing power. Total installed hashrate across its two Alberta sites was at 2.6 EH/s at the end of April. The Medicine Çizgi site in the Canadian state “hit an all-time operational high” of 1.72 EH/s in March, the firm previously said.

Hut 8 also had to stop running 7,000 miners at its third site in North Bay, Ontario due to a dispute with its power provider, in mid-November, and move them to Medicine Sınır. Hut 8 hasn’t found a way to operationalize them as of the end of April.

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