Google Cloud to Offer Workshops, Cloud Computing Services for Builders on Celo

The Celo Foundation is partnering with Google Cloud to offer workshops and cloud computing services to developers and Web3 founders building on Celo, the foundation said on Tuesday.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud will help developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo blockchain build and scale their applications on the industry’s cleanest cloud,” said Xochitl Cazador, head of ecosystem growth at Celo.

Google Cloud will provide builders on Celo, a mobile-first proof-of-stake Layer-1 protocol, credits for Google Cloud and Firebase services. The Google Cloud core team will also offer project support to participants in Celo Foundation’s Founders in Residence program, and Celo Camp, a virtual eight-week accelerator program.

Since 2018, Google Cloud has lent its cloud infrastructure to CLabs, the company that developed Celo. The two firms will soon build on their long-standing relationship by co-hosting targeted workshops and other events on Web3 innovation and sustainability, according to the Celo Foundation’s announcement of the partnership.

CELO’s price has risen 5.67% in the past 24 hours and 23.85% over the past week, according to CoinDesk veri.

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