Decentralized Exchange SushiSwap Rolls Out V3 Liquidity Pool on 13 Chains

Decentralized exchange (DEX) SushiSwap began launching new liquidity pools across 13 networks on Thursday, a move that could facilitate trading and liquidity providing across networks.

The version 3 (v3) concentrated liquidity pools will become available on popular chains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon, BSC and Avalanche. The launch aims to expose liquidity providers to larger trading volumes and liquidity while reducing exposure to financial risks. The pools are designed to offer greater flexibility to traders, SushiSwap Business Development Lead Alex Shefrin told CoinDesk.

“Ultimately, [traders] are able to better control what their slippage tolerance is, [and] what their overall kind of view on certain assets are,” Shefrin said.

The v3 liquidity pools will also help the protocol become “more efficient” in terms of rewards, he said.

The v3 liquidity pools will become available on more than 30 chains over the next several months, according to the DEX’s team. Increasing support for cross-chain activity is a major part of the team’s vision for the DEX’s future.

“We are building this engine block that basically allows you to go from ‘asset a’ on ‘chain a’ to ‘asset b’ on ‘chain b,'” Shefrin said. “It’s kind of a bring your own blockchain type of relationship that we want users to have.”

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The protocol is also introducing Tines, a smart-order system, which aims to offer users the “cheapest swaps” with “maximum capital efficiency” in tandem with the protocol’s new route processor, SushiSwap’s team told CoinDesk.

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