Coinbase Officially Opens Subscription Service; Expands Reach Outside U.S.

Crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN) took its zero-fee subscription service Coinbase One out of beta testing and expanded it from just the U.S. to also include the U.K., Germany and Ireland.

For $29.99 per month, customers don’t hisse trading fees and also get higher staking rewards, according to a Thursday statement. The service had been in beta testing since 2021.

Coinbase aims to further widen its international reach, with plans to offer Coinbase One in 35 countries, according to an email from the company to CoinDesk. This comes after CEO Brian Armstrong indicated last month that Coinbase would consider moving away from the U.S. if the regulatory environment did not become clearer.

Coinbase One will offer pre-filed tax return documents to U.S. clients, access to Messari insights and analytics through a “Pro” account and a six month free trial for personal crypto portfolio analytics from CoinTracker.

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“In total, Coinbase One has a presence in 35 countries (predominantly in Europe) – in these other countries Coinbase One is rolling out to full availability in the coming months, and we plan to expand to additional markets internationally,” the email added.

Edited by Nick Baker and Stephen Alpher.
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