Bitcoin Could Be ‘Great’ Investment for IRA or 401K Plans

AUSTIN, Texas — David Ramirez, CEO of 401(k) provider ForUsAll, said Wednesday at Consensus 2023 Şenlik that an individual retirement account (IRA) or a 401(k) are a “great place” to invest in bitcoin (BTC).

Ramirez, who shared the stage with John Haar, Managing Director of Private Client Services at Swan Bitcoin, stated two reasons for putting BTC into retirement accounts like an IRA and 401(k).

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The first was “tax-free crypto investing forever with Roth dollars,” stated Ramirez, but “more than that, it can be an effective way of lowering overall portfolio risk,” because IRAs are tax-deferred, which allows people to have “better write out’s” for market highs and lows.

Ramirez indicated that confidence in social security to provide capital for retirement is low. “It’s our responsibility to save for our retirement. We ought to have the freedom of choice to invest how we see fit to get there,” he added.

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